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Barking dogs, squishing soggy sneakers, Jets roaring, spine tingling scratches from a chalkboard, radio noises, guitars screaming, cell phones, and so much more! Noises, every noise you can imagine but is it real or the vocal cords of Michael Winslow? He spent more time in the principal's office than in class.
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livetourdates Get the latest Michael Winslow tour dates, film and TV appearances here. Find out when he's going to be in or near your city. Weird sounds coming to a town near you or on your TV.
December 4 - 6, 2014                 Hendrix Sports Bar, Reykjavík Iceland

January 15-17, 2015                    Bonkerz Comedy Club Daytona Beach FL
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wizardops Get Michael Winslow's iPhone and Android game apps! Save the princess in Wizard Ops. Or fight like a Kung Fu master. All sound effects in these apps were brought to you by the one and only 'Man of 10,000 Sound Effects'.
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NeatVideos These are some of the brilliant videos fans of Michael have uploaded to YouTube that went viral with millions of hits. You can also find rare videos not posted anywhere else pulled from the Michael Winslow archives.
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audio clips This is an assortment of audio clips, interviews, sound bites, ringtones and various rare recordings from the Michael Winslow vault. More than half of these cannot be found anywhere else on the web.
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Michael on Jimmy Fallon

Feature ImageMichael performed with the Roots Band on Jimmy Fallon July 18! The Roots Band is the Grammy Award-winning hip hop/neo soul house band for Jimmy Fallon. Performing his latest human beatbox sounds Michael had a featured spot on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Upcoming Appearances

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Buy tickets and get the latest tour dates from Michael's Calendar. Weird sounds coming to a town near you.

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Winslow on Jimmy Fallon

Exclusive video of Michael Winslow on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!


Michael and DJ Yoda

"Michael Winslow of Police Academy fame partnered with DJ Yoda to remind us all "the beat box rappers, they all came after me." Every sound is human voice — if Winslow really is human. We suspect he's part keyboard or something". - The Chicagoist
RokTab Image "Sure, Solve Media could put out a blog post about robots, fake clicks and their effect on the Internet advertising business. But it would be much more fun for the startup, and for us, if they wrote a kids’ book about the topic. And then hired Michael Winslow, the sound-effects guy from the “Police Academy” movies, to read it to a bunch of kids, with a camera rolling."

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